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Singing lessons

Do you want to learn to sing or sing even better?
Maybe you merely need new input?
I offer personal and preofessional vocal-coaching for all genres and levels.
You will be able to develop a healthy singing-technique which will enable you to sound the way YOU want to sound with a freedom in your voice which gives you the possibility to avoid hoarseness and sing longer phrases. You will also be able to expand your vocal range and dynamics.

I am a trained classical singer and a certified CVT- vocal coach.
I have not yet experienced any incoherence with the classical belcanto school and CVT. A well-founded voice has the ability to sing music in all genres from classical to all sorts of other genres. It would be a shame not to be able to explore all of these possibilities.

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But what does CVT mean? The name "Complete Vocal Technique" stands for all the sounds the voice is capable of making. This means that there is no sound ideal as e.g. in classical singing but that the technique gives tools to enable the singer to develop his/her own vocal performances with a healthy singing technique. It's about giving the singer the opportunity to sound as he or she wants.


Coaching of the speaking voice

Whether you are a teacher or a boss: if you speak a lot or do presentations, you may be aware of the following problems: suddenly you become breathless, hoarse or do not sound convincing. A healthy use of the voice makes it sound better, gives better stamina and more self confidence.