kirsten kardel soprano and vocal coach



I am a singer and vocal teacher with education from the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen, Musikhochschule "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig and the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen (Diploma in Classical Singing incl. Music Teacher's Degree and Education for Certified CVT Teacher 2015-2018).
I am also a certified cranio-sacral-therapist and member of the Danish CST-assosiaction: KST-foreningen .



As a singer, I have sung mostly oratorios and chamber music with a repertoire that spans from baroque to contemporary music. I have always had a love for Kurt Weill's music, which has been my door opener to other genres such as chanson, jazz or pop, on which the CVT-teacher education has been focused on.
As a member of the trio SaKaZie I have world premiered music that has been composed especially for the trio and released a CD with Scandinavian Christmas songs.
I am the founder of the duo WintherThistle and the baroque ensemble fiori del barocco



Since I was raised in Hamburg, I grabbed the opportunity when an agency for speakers in Copenhagen searched for new German-speaking voices and was signed to the agency. Since then I have been active as a speaker and contributed to the audiobooks of "Foreningen Hörbuch".



When I started my singing education at the conservatory I also started working as a singing teacher. I got interested in Cathrine Sadolin's Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) in 2013, and thought the scientific facts were so convincing, that I started the 3years CVT teacher education at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen in 2015.
The training at CVI has given me a boost to dedicate even more time to teaching, since it inspired me to teach more nuanced, more concrete and for all musical genres as well as for the speaking voice.


Craniosacral therapist

I am educated at ZCD in Køge and am member of the Danish KST-association. I think that craniosacral therapy is best for preventive treatment against e.g. a stiff neck or stress but it is also very effective to relax the muscles around the vocal tract.
If you are interested in a treatment, contact me first by telephone or email. Afterwards, you are welcome to book your sessions in my electronic booking system where you can also see my prices.